Berlin By Numbers

Berlin, November 2006

How it works

Enlish language article


Photo of 3 young tourists next to the Siegessäule looking at BBNO on a mobile phone. This is available in 4 sizes:

256 x 341 (45 KB)

512 x 683 (129 KB)

1024 x 1365 (373 KB)

2142 x 2856 (2.58 MB)

With many thanks to the three young people concerned.

The press release in PDF format (in German).

Mobile phone image

Simulated appearance on mobile phone of BBNO page on the Siegessäule.

You can copy and paste this image or use the right hand mouse button to save the image as a file.

There is an online emulator in German and in English. Note that the default display font size affects the image in the mobile phone. For a more realistic view with the emulator, temporarily turn down your font size (e.g. with Ctrl -, or Strg -)