Synchronise PDF documents with translation tools

This is a feature I would like to see included in translation tools

Context is vital to produce the correct translation. Most translation tools however remove all of the context and offer a confusing jumble of tags and words from just a single sentence, the one that you are currently translating. Any pictures are stripped out, the position and role of the sentence on the page is lost as is the presentation which was carefully crafted to help you to understand the content.

The cause of the problem
This arises from the use of differing editing software to produce the original documents and the need for conversion tools to take a variety of source formats and produce one consistent format which can be understood by the translation tool. When the translation is complete, the inverse conversion is done to generate a document in the original format, ready to be opened by the original editing software.

The solution
My workaround to this is to open up a copy of the source document in PDF format. Whatever the original editing software was, if it was a document intended for printing, a PDF version can be produced at the click of a button. I copy a tag-free part of the sentence to be translated from the translation tool and search for this in the PDF document. Obviously I can’t do this for every sentence as it would take far too long.

If I can do this manually, software can do it too, and that is the feature that I would like to see in all translation tools.