English words which it would be nice to have

Some things in German are so useful you do wonder why there is no equivalent in English. In German there is this pair of words überschreiten and unterschreiten. Beautifully symmetrical and quite comprehensible. One goes up and the other comes down.

Überschreiten is easy, "exceed" is a good translation although you will find quite a few other suggestions
  • to stride
  • to outrun
  • to overrun
  • to overstep
  • to trespass
  • to overshoot
  • to transcend
  • to transgress
  • to cross [a canal]
  • überschreiten [Termin]
  • to overstay

If you look up unterschreiten, you get

  • to deceed [neologism (disputed): opposite of exceed]
  • to fall below
  • to fall short off
  • to go below
  • to underrun
  • to undershoot

I like "deceed", even if it's not English. Goodness only knows which creative soul popped that one into dict.cc. (See weaknesses of online dictionaries).

Maybe it reflects some sort of foolish optimism, the economy will always grow and expectations will always be exceeded, so there is no need for a word to describe the reverse?